Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Another Crazy Lady Writing a Blog

By no means am I new to the "blog writing" universe.  I am currently the author of Motherhood and Money.  However, I have decided to branch off of that a bit and have found a place for me to contain my cooking adventures, trials, and errors.  Much like the rest of the country, my family has had our struggles during this tough economy.  I have found myself doing as my mother did during rough times, cooking from the pantry, creating new dishes with ingredients you already have.  I am by no means a classically trained chef, but rather a self taught mom who appreciates good food.  Funny thing, my first job (ever) was for a private club with the St. Louis Cardinals.  My position title was "Pantry Cook", so I guess it only makes sense that I would name my blog as I did!  This blog will be more than just cooking from my pantry.  I plan on sharing secrets to creating wonderful meals cheap.  I will also be sharing some of my tips and tricks for creating semi-homemade dishes (sorry Sandra Lee, but that's what they are!).  So, here we go!